Smart people must be exceedingly impatient

Smart people must be exceedingly impatient

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HA! That’s all I have to say on the matter.

Okay… not ALL I have to say or this post wouldn’t make any contextual sense whatsoever. But .. Ha! I say, and I really mean it.

Why? Because for years, people have been telling me to clean up my home/apartment, to go to bed at a reasonable hour and to be more tactful about bad language.

And yet according to a trio of studies discussed in Business Insider magazine this week, people who curse are more likely to be highly intelligent, intelligent people are more likely to be night owls, and a messy environment correlates to more creative thinking.

This also validates my ongoing belief that people who don’t swear, go to bed early and are neat and tidy must be as boring as a potato. (Well… no, it doesn’t, not really. But I’m counting wins today, so there…)

The swearing thing is actually an issue for writers; America may be the only English-language nation left where, when your characters swear (as gangsters and hoods typically would in real life), you get complaint letters from readers who say they’ll never read you again. It seems very cloistered, and based on a perspective that while ultimately an attempt at civil behavior, seems to have been passed by ‘progress.’ Which, of course, isn’t always positive. Ah well. Even my father swears now, and he’s eighty-four.

In the meantime I continue to work on Quinn Plays Ball, a murder mystery set in steamy northern Florida. If you’re looking for something decent to read that will help you cool off on a hot summer day, I recommend my latest stand-alone novel, Cold City, which is on sale at Amazon. If you try it, let me know what you think!

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  • Hey muddafugga I love your books. I’m Sicilian and I kinda like Vin the Shin. Your Quinn series reads just like the old radio mysteries I was addicted to years ago. There’s something about your Quinn stories that’s very comfortable—balance. Just the right amount of family conflict and love, just the right amount of swearing that sounds exactly like my Sicilian relatives, and real life timelines such as the first date (finally!), not to mention lots and lots of comfort food.

    I discovered your authorship with the ex-priest detective, but abandoned that series after the third book. I forgot what bothered me about it but glad I took a chance on Quinn. Being an artist the first one in the series drew me in. Now I can’t get enough.

    My place is a fucking mess, and yes I swear a lot, and thanks to your page turners I never get to sleep at a decent hour. That said, thanks for the confirmation that I am highly intelligent.

    The only mess that I truly abhor is too many typos and lousy punctuation. That was rampant in the ex-priest series. Quinn has a few typos, as well as other errors, but not nearly as bad as the other series. So I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse: You clean up your typos and I’ll do my dishes. Ain’t going to happen, right?