Quinn Plays Ball

Quinn Plays Ball

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Quinn Plays Ball will be the title of the tenth book in the Liam Quinn Mysteries, and it will be released… when it’s done. Which is not yet.

But it’s going rather well, I think. Our intrepid insurance investigator follows his father to Florida in pursuit of an old friend and an old secret; but just like old secrets, old friends die hard. Or something like that.

People sometimes ask if I’m like Quinn, or if I’m an expert in Asian art, or if I box. The answer to all three is no; I’d say I share a lot of his perspectives and maybe he’s what I’d be like if I was the person Liam is, with his background, influences and family. But I’m not, which makes writing his stories all-the-more enjoyable, because it’s new to me, too. The research is sometimes considerable but I’m a sociology nerd, so it’s as fun as the creative aspect.

Do you identify with your favorite characters? Or is it a case of the greater the escape, the greater the read?

The book is a few months from done yet, but I can tell you this: Quinn DOESN’T get beaten up in the first ten pages.

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