Note to self: never use “the write stuff” as a pun. It’s awful.

Note to self: never use “the write stuff” as a pun. It’s awful.

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If you’ve spent a few years writing fiction, you’ve probably come to that point where you want to step up your game and improve your work. I spend a lot of time reading other writers’ experiences and taking hints from editors online because, as with any craft, there’s just too much to figure it all out on my own.

And there’s a cheesy “life” metaphor if ever I’ve typed one. But it’s true; which is why I was pleasantly surprised to come across Ellen Brock’s blog. A freelance editor, Brock is a young lass compared to yours truly. But she has a mighty handle on her trade, a cornucopia of knowledge, much of which has been passed down to the rest of us in a series of helpful articles. Her section on character development is particularly well phrased.

I always find it humbling and am appreciative when I learn something new, and Ellen’s blog made me reassess why some of my characters clicked and others did not. Well worth a read!

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